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We're for social causes

We exist for non-profits, social enterprises, community groups and activists

Red Swastik Society Odisha is a non-governmental and a non profitable organisation. An organisation with 80G, 12A, CSR1-CSR00004071, NITI unique ID No. MH/2019/0243090 and NGO Darpan unique ID No. MH/2019/0243090. We look forward to help mankind in many social work. For further enquiry call on the given number.

Core features

Our goals and missions

Old Age & Orphanage Home

Health facilities

Food & water

Education facilities

Staffs & Volunteers

Meet our excellent

Managing Committee

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Sri. Bijoy Kumar Acharya President
2 Sri. Debasis Patnaik Secretary / Treasurer
3 Sri Prasant Kumar Tripathy Auditor

Life Members

Sr.No. Name of the Member Designation
1 Dr. Chinmaya Pani Oncologist
2 CA S.C Bhadra Chartered Accountant
3 Sri. Dilip Tirki Padmashree and Arjun Awardee
4 Sri. Akash Das Nayak Chairman, Mo College
5 Mr. Kunal Kishore Das
6 Mrs. Sagarbala Mishra
7 Dr. Kalika P Dash
8 Dr. Ranjit Mishra
9 Mrs. Swapna B Dash
10 Dr. Ashok Patnaik
11 Mrs. Nandini Sarangi Mohapatra
12 Mrs. Rimjhim Panda
13 Mr. Lohitakshya Pattnaik
14 Mrs. Gitika Pattnaik
15 Mr. Pramod Kumar Patro
16 Mrs. Sanjukta Sududhi